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Apple Freez – Ripe Vapes

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Apple Freez – Ripe VapesRipe Vapes has created an E-Liquid to quench your fruity cravings with total ease thanks to Apple Freez By Ripe Vapes Synthetic Nic 60ml.

Do you enjoy having wonderfully crisp and oh-so juicy, freshly picked apples? Even better, would you like them to be extra chilled out in order to experience even more freshness? Well, Ripe Vapes has created the perfect E-Liquid to quench your deepest, fruity cravings with total ease thanks to Apple Freez Synthetic Nic 60ml. Now, you can really savor some nice doses of frosty menthol and Synthetic Nicotine along the way.

Crispness starts teasing your palate immediately when inhaling, all while rejuvenating you in ways that words simply cannot describe. The juiciness makes your mouth simply water as you feel euphoric. Then, luscious sweetness adds a new layer to this satisfying session, followed up with a nice breeze of iciness just as you exhale.

Apple Freez vape juice Synthetic Nic comes in a medium-sized bottle and vapers can also indulge in some appletastically brisk clouds.

No doubt profoundly natural-tasting, you are looking at an E-Liquid that is sure to become your next ADV.

Package Contents Include: 

  • 1 x 60ml bottle of Apple Freez Synthetic Nicotine

VG/PG: 75/25
Flavor Profile: Beverage, Apple, Menthol

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